Highs And Lows

December 7, 2018

{The “4” of us picking out our first real Christmas tree!}

You guys, I finally have enough photos to share a Highs and Lows post this week, yay! I’m thrilled because I can also write a little life update in case you were missing them…I know I was. I woke up this morning to my pregnancy app letting me know I’ve officially hit the 3rd trimester…how crazy is that!? I feel like it was just last week when we announced our pregnancy, but then I remember that I was wearing a dress and sandals and now I’m wearing coats and boots time and I realize I’ve been pregnant for months. We’re verrrrry slowly working on the nursery which has me both anxious and excited…excited because I can picture the final vision in my head and anxious because there is still SO much to do and I keep having a feeling that our little guy is going to be early and I feel unprepared. Any mamas out there who want to send advice for newborns, anything we MUST buy or prepare for, I’d love to hear it. Other than pregnancy related stuff, I have been preparing our home for Christmas and will hopefully be sharing some photos on the blog in the next week or two. I know it is a little late for a Christmas home tour, but I figured you might still want to see a little peek. I know I love seeing other people s holiday home tours! Anyway, that is pretty much it for me. This weekend, I’m likely going to finish up decorating, shooting content and having some family over for dinner. I hope you all have a great weekend, see you Monday!
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{My kind of coffee shop (even though I can’t partake).}
{Milo pretending to be Max from The Grinch.}
{Snuggled up at Birds Nest Coffee with the little boo.}

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