Highs And Lows

April 27, 2018

{An unexpected flower delivery from my friends at Wild North Flowers.}

Happy Friday, friends! How was everyone’s week? To be perfectly honest, mine started out on a bit of an embarrassing foot, when I showed up to 2 different events a week early and engraved the wrong letters on a charm bracelet I was having made at pop-up (see below for the mistake but yes, it was fixed!). After my triple mix-up, things started looking up, especially because the weather has been absolutely beautiful this week and it’s my mantra that just about anything can be cured with a little bit of sunshine. Speaking of sunshine, I think we’re supposed to get a lot more of it this weekend and so you can bet that you’ll find me outside enjoying as much fresh air as humanly possible. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, see you Monday!
{Wearing my heart on my sleeve with this “KJM” bracelet by Scosha for Bluboho}
{Beautifl blue brunch seen at Bacchanal…I dare you to say that 3 times fast!}
{Calm morning at Sugar Beach.}
{Even more flowers thanks to Canadian Tire and the Toronto Flower Market}

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