Highs And Lows

September 1, 2017

{Lancome proving La Vie Est Belle.}

We arrived back in Toronto on Tuesday and I immediately got straight back into work. On Wednesday, I found myself attending 3 back-to-back events that usually would leave me feeling exhausted and anxious by the end, but to my surprise and delight, it left me feeling energized and excited for what’s to come. I really think that this new-found energy has something to do with spending a month away from the craziness of the city and truly finding time to relax and enjoy the simple things. However, I’m so excited to keep this motivation train rolling right into the long weekend. And on that note, I hope you all have a great long weekend, I’ll see you back here on Tuesday!
{The last of the summer soirées with Grey Goose.}
{My sisters made me the most incredible birthday cake.}
{The comfiest jeans that can never be mistaken thanks to a little custom embroidery.}
{Head in the (pink) clouds.}

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