Highs And Lows

June 30, 2017

Here’s the thing about having a job that revolves around sharing my life…when things get bad, I have an obligation to myself, my readers and my sponsors to continue showing up with a smile on my face, and that’s what I’ve done for the last week and that’s what I will continue to do even though this week has been a hard one, guys. First, let me backtrack. About a month ago, I wrote A Very Honest Highs and Lows. I got pretty personal and shared with you some issues that Jamie and I were dealing with in our relationship as I felt like I owed it to you to share how I was feeling and show that my life isn’t always as perfect as it may seem online. This past month, Jamie and I have worked so so hard to fix what was broken and we’ve talked… sometimes too much. It has been amazing and we’ve truly reconnected and finally, we are feeling back on track. But the funny thing about life is that as soon as your train finally feels like it’s moving along in a straight, smooth line, something comes along and completely derails it. This week, I was told that my 21-year-old cousin had died. There’s no making sense of the situation and what’s worse is there is literally nothing I can do to change it. I am feeling heartbroken knowing that I’ll never see him again and even more heartbroken for my aunt, uncle and younger cousin who have lost a son and older brother. There are things in this life that are just so hard to understand and this is definitely one of them. As of now, Jamie and I are still going back to Toronto this Sunday to get work organized back there but we’re thinking of coming back to Halifax earlier than expected and finishing our summer out here. This has been a tough week for myself and my entire family so any prayers or good vibes would be much appreciated. I’m taking the long weekend off for Canada Day and I will still be back on Tuesday with regular content. I hope you all having a wonderful weekend celebrating Canada’s 150. 

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