Highs And Lows

September 2, 2016

{The prettiest scene at Colette while having cocktails with my girlfriend.}

We’ve been back for 3 days now and it already feels as though fall is in the air. The evenings are becoming chillier, my fall calendar is filling up quickly, and as much as I’d like the summer to last forever, I’m getting eager for all of the typical fall activities to begin. Though I’m counting down the days to sweater weather, pumpkin picking and scary movie watching I’m making it a point to savour the last official long weekend of summer with Jamie and a few glasses of wine (or cider, thanks to J.Crew*). Hope you all have a great weekend, we will be taking Monday off so see you Tuesday!

PS: I feel like I have to apologize to any of you have been experiencing technical difficulties with the site as of late. We have been having some back end issues ever since switching hosting services and are working to get everything back up and running normally. Please bear with us while we figure this out!
{Impromptu pit stop over to Montreal for fresh bagels and lox.}
{Moody skies and Goonies vibes after a 4 hour hike to Cape Split.}
{*Aforementioned cider and treats for the long weekend thanks to J.Crew.}
{Outdoor patio goodness at The Addisons.}

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