A Year Full Of Highs And Lows

May 15, 2015

1{One of those “for no reason” surprises from my Jamie.}

I have had such a great time reminiscing and sharing my past year on my blog with you this week. From launching my new website on Monday to going through my fave posts of the year on Wednesday, it has truly been a great week. Looking back at all of the photos from my Highs and Lows this past year there were SO MANY that I wanted to add. Life moves so quickly and I actually have a pretty bad memory, so for me it is sometimes hard to remember all of the amazing things I have done in such a short span of time. Going through all of my photos helped me re-live so many amazing moments that this blogging year as been comprised of. The truth is the moments that were my favourite were the ones that I got to spend with Jamie, my sisters, Milo and in Halifax. I think that really shows that material items are not what matters and that the time spent with family and friends are the things that make you smile at the end of the day. Have a great weekend everyone, see you Monday. 

2{Finally adding some wall art to our home in the form of a gallery wall.}

3{Marilyn Denis and I after winning my segment.}

4{Milos first bath.}

1{A snap of the Fairmont during our winter trip to Ottawa.}

4{The prettiest roses to celebrate 7 years with Jamie.}

2{A little family walk during the holidays in Halifax.}1{The best pastry shop that recently opened up in our neighbourhood, Roselle.}

3{Putting our lock on the LOVE wall in the Distillery District.}

1{End of summer fun at a friends pool in Halifax.}

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