Highs and Lows

August 19, 2016

{More of my blooms from The Flower Shop Halifax because they’re just so pretty!}

There’s nothing quite like being home in Halifax surrounded by family. Today my mom, sisters and I are all heading to the beach for a little gals trip and I can’t wait to jump into the ocean for the 1 1/2 time (the first time I only went up to my waist). Later this evening, Jamie and I are going to a local brew pub for date night. When we are in Halifax we don’t actually get that much one on one time together, so I’m excited to spend the evening drinking some beers and relaxing with just him. It’s rare that Jamie and I have a date night where he picks me up in his car because we live together. Date night for us usually consists of us fighting for bathroom retail space, scrambling over each other to get ready. Being able to get dressed up at my mom’s house feels so high school and makes me feel nostalgic. I hope you all have a great weekend, see you Monday!
{Vintage print mix and match.}
{Finally got to stick my toes in the ocean.}

{A much needed rain storm making it’s way over the lake.}
{Spot the raspberry.}

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