Halloween Highs and Lows

October 28, 2016

{A cauldron full of Halloween candy + Milos new cauldron toy.}

I love it when Halloween falls on a Monday because that automatically means that I have the ultimate excuse to binge on candy and scary movies all weekend. Jamie arrives back from Halifax at some point today and besides lots of hugs and kisses, he should expect to be greeted with a whole bunch of sugary goodness.  On top of Halloweekend, it is also my twin sisters 22nd birthday today which gives us two more amazing excuses to celebrate. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, here are a few ways we’re celebrating Halloween around our house….how are you celebrating this weekend?
{Subtle Halloween decor touches; eerie flowers and a skeleton hand holding a black candle.}
{My sisters impressive pumpkin carving/decorating skills.}
{Swapping out our regular framed photos for something a bit more festive.}
{Barkbox hits the ball out of the park every time (pun intended). Love this “dog friendly” sign.}

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