Halloween At Home

October 24, 2017

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am a holiday fanatic. I always credit my love for the holidays (especially holiday decorating) to my grandma who, to this day, still decorates for every holiday imaginable. I think it has something to do with the fact that she was a teacher, but whatever the case, my grandma is the true queen of holiday decor and I’m so glad that she passed her love of it down to me. This year, it seems as though Halloween has crept (literally) upon me and I don’t feel as prepared as I typically do (we are only just planning on making a trip to a pumpkin patch this coming Sunday). However, I have a box of Halloween decor that I take out every year and try to utilize in different ways which came in handy this year since I’ve been so unprepared. Aside from finding a couple of things here and there, I used what I had and I ended up creating my favourite Halloween decorating job to date. Be sure to keep reading to see how I get things feeling a little more spooky while still remaining stylish around our home. 
Creepy Skull Flower Arrangement: I picked up these skull glasses at Home Sence this year with the intention of using them to drink out of leading up to Halloween. I later realized that I could use one as a vase for flowers, which would not only be creepy but still look beautiful. I had some leftover flowers from my anniversary arrangement and simply arranged them in the skull glass. The flowers I had were very moody and fall-like so I’d suggest trying to find dark flowers and greens like ivy or even sticks as they’ll look very Halloween appropriate.  I also brought out this vintage tray that I found at Value Village a few years ago. I use this tray for just about everything but I think that once a few creepy items are corraled on it, it makes the perfect prop Halloween.
Spiders Crawling on Picture Frames: How creepy is this!? When I showed my sisters these decorated frames they said: “if you didn’t show me this ahead of time I would have thought they were real“. Spiders freak me out so much but in the spirit of Halloween, I decided to forgo my arachnophobia and place a few of this plastic spider rings in a crawling motion on our living room picture frames. Spider rings are an affordable Halloween decor item and they add such a sooky element to just about anything. 
Creepy Halloween Candy: Personally, candy is an essential part of my diet so I didn’t have a second thought when purchasing a ton of candy at Squish recently. I buy specialty Halloween candy from Squish every year for us to enjoy throughout the month of October and it never ceases to put me in the Halloween spirit.
Black Magic Candle: I spotted this candle when I was browsing in Williams Sonoma way back in the beginning of September but had to buy it because it reminded me of the movie Hocus Pocus. I love the smell and that it still looks chic in our living room. 
Skull Glasses for Pumpkin Ale: Here are the skull glasses again for what they were originally intended for…drinking! I always like to keep the fridge stockpiled with pumpkin beer during the month of October as in this house it never gets wasted. My favourite beer for Halloween has to be Mill Street because with names with “Nightmare on Mill Street” and “Tankenstein IPA”, how could I not?

PS: Creepy bottle openers here & here
Gold Skeleton Hand and Styrofoam Skull: I picked both of these items up last year and love them because they’re both creepy and stylish. Sometimes I’ll use the skeleton hand to hold small candles while other times I like the skull as I think it looks very Shakespearean. I had a hard time finding a similar skeleton hand online but I think you could easily find a plastic option at a local craft store and spray paint it gold.

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