Monthly Motivation: 5 Ways to Ease Event Anxiety

July 4, 2016

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There is no better time than the summer to spend time with friends and family while enjoying some sunshine outside. Whether it is an upcoming BBQ, a day at the pool or a night on the town, our schedules often get jam packed during the summer months. Although most upcoming outings are often enjoyable and something to look forward to for many, this is unfortunately not everyone’s reality. For many individuals, the thought of an upcoming social event can result in feeling keyed up and on edge.

Below are 5 simple ways to help prevent event anxiety from taking its toll this summer!

Do Your Research:
Before an upcoming event or summer outing, the best way to prevent feeling anxious is to come prepared. Whether it is researching what time an event starts or acknowledging where the exits and bathrooms are located, we often feel more at ease when we have all of our ducks in order. Another great tip is to call the event organizer beforehand to ask a few simple questions, for example, is it cash bar only (there can be nothing more anxiety provoking than going up to get a summer cocktail and needing to be spotted by the next person in line) and if there is a specific dress code? The more prepared you are prior to an event, the more likely you will be able to enjoy your time in the moment.

Choose Your Company:
For many events, weddings or gatherings it is encouraged to bring a plus one. This person may be your partner or your hilarious friend that can talk the ear off anyone. It is important to choose your company wisely. I recommend asking a friend that makes you feel at ease, feels comfortable on his or her own and knows how to comfort you when you may be feeling overwhelmed.

Have a Game Plan:
Another great strategy to help lessen your anxiety prior to an upcoming summer outing is to have a game plan. This may involve a special signal with your plus one to meet on the patio or a certain time to meet outside if you get split up. Having a game plan that can be put into action at anytime is key in preventing anxiety.

No Back Out Plans Allowed:
Although it often feels necessary to pull out of an event just prior to start time, this is a no no! Avoidance is one way that individuals who feel anxious tend to cope, however, this method is not helpful. Yes, it may feel like the only thing to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed but avoiding what may make you scared only increases the fear next time around. It is time to face your fears head on once and for all. You are now prepared and have a loyal support system, there is no time like the present.

Reward Time:
You have now successfully attended an event. Your friend was supportive and although at times you felt keyed up, you stayed for the majority of the event. It is now time to reward your self! Positive reinforcement for overcoming a fear is an important step in working through your anxiety. Whether it is treating yourself to some ice cream or finally purchasing the new pair of shoes you have been lusting at the mall, it is time to treat yo self.

I hope you find these above tips helpful as you attend the next party on your jam-packed calendar. Remember, you may not be successful at the first try but that is ok! Fears are real, whether they are spiders, heights or social outings, but you can learn to work through them using the tips above.

Blare June xx


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