DIY Woven Necklace with Hello Hydrangea

August 4, 2015

I have always had a huge affinity for crafting kits. I attribute my love of them to one aunt in particular who for every holiday would gift me a “do it yourself” kit of some sort. One kit that sticks out in my mind was a make your own bubblegum package which as you can imagine didn’t go over very well. As I grew up I slowly began losing interest in making bubblegum but never lost my love for crafting and creating things for myself. I recently came across the very talented Lindsey of Hello Hydrangea who creates the most beautiful wall weaves (you can see mine here). Similar to my friend Oh Dina who makes DIY flower crown kits, Lindsey has recently come out with her own kits that teach you how to weave a necklace. When I learned about this kit I was immediately drawn to the idea. Not only did it awaken the child in me but it also reminded me of a fabrics course I took in college where we learned the basics of weaving. I loved spending this past rainy Sunday afternoon (or crafternoon) making this boho inspired woven necklace and am thrilled with how it turned out. 

Ps: Purchase your own woven necklace kit here for just $8
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