DIY Ice Cream Sandwich Bar

August 11, 2015

When I was in Muskoka this past June with President’s Choice one of the funnest planned activities was a DIY ice cream cake challenge.  We were given rectangular ice cream sandwiches and all kinds of PC toppings which included berry syrups, sprinkles, icing and chocolate chips. Not only was it a delicious and fun time, but I also found it to be a great way to build friendships. I was recently inspired to create my own take on the ice cream sandwich cake but instead decided to elevate it into a DIY ice cream sandwich bar. These sandwiches turned out great and were definitely the perfect way to have some DIY dessert fun after dinner.
Begin by choosing your ice cream flavours and toppings: I made an ice cream sandwich bar for adults, so I made sure to think about how the flavours were going to meld together and make sense instead of just throwing anything and everything on the sandwiches. We went with three variations that I’ll show you below. Make sure to include a few types of ice cream, cookies, sauces, nuts and sprinkles.
Use a sharp knife to directly cut the tub of ice cream horizontally and a cookie cutter to make even circle shapes:The tubs of ice cream that I used were different sizes. The sorbet was the largest so any extra was put in a bowl and added back into the freezer. The smaller tubs of ice cream were the perfect shape for the cookies but I still put them through the cookie cutter to give the ice cream a consistent shape.
Work quickly:Take one flavour of ice cream out of the freezer at a time and have a cold baking pan ready to place each cut out of ice cream on it. The freezer should be on the coldest setting as you will be opening and closing it A LOT!
Tip*You can make the ice cream patties the night before. They will be colder and when your guests come over all they have to do is assemble their sandwiches and enjoy them!
Use a plate to coat the sides of the ice cream with toppings: Two of the sandwich variations I made required toppings around the outer edge of the sandwiches. I put the toppings on a plate so that is would be easy for guests to roll the sandwiches in.
“It’s Sherbertday”
This ice cream sandwich is perfect for a birthday party and since it’s my birthday month I thought sprinkles and pink sherbet were very appropriate. I used shortbread cookies with icing and sprinkles + raspberry sherbet and finished the sandwich with rainbow sprinkles.
“Chocolate Raspberry Double-Double”
This ice cream sandwich is definitely an indulgent one. Double chocolate cookies + coffee ice cream, a little raspberry syrup to cut the sweetness and you are good to go!
“Salted Caramel Peanut Butter”
This sandwich was my personal favourite. Salted caramel and peanut butter are two of my favourite flavours so when put together in the form of an ice cream sandwich it’s the perfect salty-sweet treat.

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