Completely Converted: One Love Organics

August 19, 2014

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It is a rare thing for me to become obsessed with one line of anything. Usually I am the person who loves one thing of a particular brand and sticks with just that, rarely trying out all of the other things said company has to offer. This trait of mine managed to change about a month ago when Blossom Lounge received the summer collection from One Love Organics. Although we had carried OLO previous to this, I had never really looked at it. I always thought the packaging was gorgeous, so I am not sure why I never bothered with it before. The 4 products in the summer collection (Apple a Day, Pretty Pores, Healthy Locks, Gardenia Spray) sold me immediately with their catchy names and beautiful scents, and it wasn’t long after purchasing those products that I became hooked on basically everything else OLO has to offer. I am now completely converted to this amazing brand, and couldn’t be happier with it!




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