Basket Making Basics

October 29, 2013

Yesterday was my sisters’ 19th birthdays’ (I can’t believe it) and I wanted to give them something special that they would remember and that commemorated this special day in their lives. My sisters really aren’t the types of girls that you will catch out on the town, in fact they hardly like to drink, and so an alcoholic based present really wasn’t going to cut it. However, my sisters have a serious soft spot for chocolate, well any and all food based items. I came to conclusion that the perfect present  for my chocoholic sisters’ 19th birthdays’ would be a basket full of fun, themed food items with a few other non-edible items along the way.  I love-making different baskets up for occasions, but the last time I actually took time in making one was almost 4 years ago for Valentines Day for my boyfriend. My basket making techniques have changed a lot since then and after putting together these baskets, I now have a set of rules I am going to follow for future basket making occasions.








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