April Sunshine

April 28, 2020

Hey guys, happy Tuesday! Can you believe the amount of snow coming down today!? Ah! I hope you all had as good of a weekend as you could I know it is so so hard right now…especially for us in Nova Scotia after everything that has transpired. I get it. It is hard for me too. But it is so important to keep that positive mindset and be grateful for everything we have and just love on our people hard right now. With that, we spent some time outside yesterday since the weather was so nice. I got myself dressed up and it put me in such a great headspace. We’ve been going on walks every day that the weather permits and I find it clears my mind. I’ve also been doing lots of yoga (I’ve been loving this 45-min session from Lulu Lemon on YouTube) and it is the best way to take “me” time. Anyway! I think that is it from me as there is not much else going on I’m afraid, haha!

Oh! Make sure to head on over to my Instagram feed where I’m hosting a giveaway with my friends at Aveeno Canada. We’re giving 2 lucky winners all of the goodies you see in the basket below. It is all of my personal favorite items and all of the products I love using on Edwin. It’s a simple thank you for following along and my way of showing you all I’m thinking of you! xo

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