What’s Actually In My Shopping Cart This Fall

September 13, 2019

Every season like clockwork, I pack away all of my clothing from seasons past and unpack everything for the upcoming one. It feels therapeutic and like a true fresh start. Now that fall is (almost) here, it’s time for me to pack away my summer dresses and sandals and pull out my cozy knits, boots and hats (yay!).Last September-February I was pregnant, so most all the clothes I bought were strategic for a growing belly. While there are still a few pieces I can wear from my pregnancy (like this sweater + blazer combo) in truth, I don’t really want to be reminded of how just how uncomfortable I was in my clothing during that time, haha! With that, I have been scouring the internet the last few weeks trying to figure out what pieces I want and need for the fall. There are soooo many gorgeous things out there to buy, but I know that I already have a lot of clothes I still love so I don’t need that much. I’m also switching up gears in the style department and leaning towards pieces that feel a little more practical for mom life (expect for maybe #6 which is the opposite of #breastfeedingfriendly) that can be mixed and matched and transition from casual to dressy or day to night. Here are the things I am loving for fall and currently have in my shopping cart.1. I’ve been eyeing this blouse for weeks. I love the colour, print and ruffle detail, and think it would pair great with any type of denim, sneakers, flats, loafers or heels. (J.Crew)

2. Every season I like to buy a new wool hat. I don’t have a neutral coloured one yet, and I think that this option would be the perfect addition to my collection. (Lack of Color))

3. This skirt is soooo pretty. I love the tone one tone leopard print in the marigold colour. I think it would look gorgeous with a simple tank and heels for a night out or a chunky sweater and loafers for a more day-to-day look. (Banana Republic)

4. RMS is one of my favourite all natural beauty brands and I’m looking forward to picking up the new “UN” CoverUp Cream Foundation. (RMS)

5. I’m on the hunt for a new eye cream and am intrigued by Riversols eye repair treatment.(Riversol)

6. How gorgeous is this dress!? It’s checking all of my boxes for style, colour and print and I feel like there are so many ways to wear it. (Aritzia)

7. I’m not necessarily sold on these specific backless loafers (I think they’re sold out in my size anyhow), but I am on the hunt for a very similar pair. (Target)

8. The current hair clip trend was questionable to me at first but I think I’m ready to try it out with a set of tortoise shell clips. (Baublebar)

9. Obsessed with these subtle cowboy style boots and have been actively stalking them for weeks. (J.Crew)

10. Currently on the hunt for a pair of button front jeans with a subtle flare and raw hem. (Gap)

11. On the topic of hair trends, I’m really loving knotted headbands for fall and this silky gold option is calling my name. J.Crew)

12. For all of of my new hair accessories I want to try “Hair Water” by Kristen Ess to calm down my curls and create that effortless wave. (Kristen Ess)

13. A classic knit cardigan in a neutral colour that will layer well with pretty much anything. (Aerie)

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