The Beach Pea

June 3, 2019

Last week, Jamie, Edwin and I all went on a little trip to Lunenburg to check out The Beach Pea kitchen and bar. I’d been wanting to go since stumbling upon it via Instagram a few weeks ago. From the photos, their food and cocktails looked delicious and the space was so beautifully designed. My suspicions were correct and the food was so yummy (especially the chowder) and so were the cocktails! We had such a nice afternoon and Edwin slept through the entire lunch which is a rare occurrence. After lunch, we went on a long drive and stopped by the water to take some photos and play with Milo. I had Edwin in this Wild Bird carrier that was recently sent to me and I just love it. I feel like such a cool, boho mom when I’m carrying Edwin in it…Even when my little guy wakes up fussy after his nap, haha!


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