Summer Staples

July 27, 2017

Around this time every summer, I find myself becoming bored with shopping and tend to start playing around with pieces I already own and have previously worn, and rework them in different ways. Take this sweater and these pants. Both I have worn on the blog in the past but because they are both staple pieces, I’ve found a ton of different ways that they each can be worn. On a side note, I actually wear this sweater so much I bought 2…it’s sold out now but there’s a similar style here. This particular outfit has been on repeat as of late, especially since it’s been pretty damp and chilly these last few days. Even though this is a pretty straight forward pants and sweater combination, I think that the modern silhouette of the pants combined with scalloped detail on the sweater and punchy pink striped slides make an otherwise everyday outfit feel special. 

What I’m Wearing:

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