Perfectly Periwinkle

January 30, 2020

Jamie and I are FINALLY at the point where we feel comfortable leaving Edwin for a couple of hours to go on a date, so that’s exactly what we did yesterday and it was wonderful. Spending time together as a couple and as not mom and dad is the best ever! I know it seems crazy that at 11 months we are only just now able to leave our babe for a few hours, but it’s only recently that he’s been able to go longer stretches without needing to be breastfed or get put down for a nap by me (I’m not 100% sure he’d go down for anyone else yet). Previously, he’d get really fussy when he was tired, but now I find even when he’s tired, as long as he’s occupied and interested, he’ll keep playing and being a happy little dude for hours. Anyway, enough about Edwin (even though I could go on and on about him, haha!).

Yesterday, Jamie and I checked out Garden Lounge in Halifax. Honestly, I was very excited to try this place as it is truly one of the most aesthetically pleasing spots in Halifax as you can likely tell from the photos. Jamie and I ordered coffee (I had a dirty chai latte with oat milk that was really good and they used my fave oat milk brand) and Jamie had an Americano. We both ordered Buddha bowls (mine the vegan bowl and Jamies was with chicken). To be honest, I really wanted to write a great review about this place to go along with my photos, but I have to be transparent…The bowls weren’t great flavour wise and I was really disappointed that the crisps on top of Jamies bowl were as stale as can be (I literally couldn’t bite through them). I REALLY want to love this spot so maybe I’d try it again for cocktails and the smoothies, but for now, I’d say go for the coffee and the pretty atmosphere…the swings are such a fun touch!

I kept my look fairly casual but wanted to infuse a bit of colour and spring vibes so I opted for this bright periwinkle cardigan I found at Zara recently. I love it because I have nothing like it in my wardrobe and the colour is an instant mood boosted. I know I’ll be able to carry this cardigan into the spring and summer, pairing it with everything from denim shorts to flirty dresses. I originally had a boho hat and booties on with this outfit but decided to go more girly and wear a headband and flats so I love that this sweater can go either way! Definitely a great purchase! 

What I’m Wearing: Zara Button Cardigan (here) // GRLFRND Jeans (here) // Headband (similar) // Flats (similar) // MAMA Necklace Tiny Zen Memory (here) // Astrology Necklace Mejuri (here)

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