Mother’s Day

May 10, 2021

Happy Monday friends, and happy (late) Mother’s Day! I’m behind on posting this because…shocker I am a mama, and my Mother’s Day was spent with my kiddos doing mom things, haha! On top of that, last week was one of our most stressful weeks as parents thus far. Edwin hasn’t been sleeping well at all, and my poor boy hairline fractured his ankle, which I’m sure isn’t helping the already sh*t sleeping situation we’re dealing with. We’re definitely in what you’d call survival mode over here, especially since we’re also in lockdown and can’t lean on our usually very large support system. But isn’t this what being a mother is all about? (or a parent). There are sooooo many peaks and valleys. High highs, and low lows. One really just has to ride the wave and go with the flow (hows that for a couple of motherhood metaphors?). Anyway! While we’re over here hanging on by a thread and just trying to make the best of a hard situation, I figured I’d share a few photos we previous to all of this for Joe Fresh. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen a couple of these photos, but we took so many cute ones I wanted to share them all on here! It just goes to show that some days being a mama can look and feel super Instagrammable, while others look the complete opposite. Heck, even moment to moment can differ. However, it is all beautiful and that’s what truly matters. 

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