Mother’s Day Date & Keeping it Real

May 14, 2019

This past Sunday, I celebrated my first Mother’s Day. It’s still hard to believe as just last year being a mom was the furthest thing from my mind! However, a little over a month later (July 2nd to be exact) I found out I was pregnant and the rest they say, is history. My first Mother’s Day was made so special by Jamie and Edwin. Jamie made me the most delicious breakfast and gifted me flowers and the sweetest ring that says “mama”. We then went to the Almonak for a late brunch and ended the day with a lovely walk around Point Pleasant Park (I changed outfits for that). I was so happy to have some time to get dressed up and take a long shower, haha! I picked this dress up from Gap a few weeks after giving birth and it was finally warm enough to wear it, yay! Pretty much everything I wear has to have buttons or be easily accessible for breastfeeding, so this dress was the perfect option. It’s quite form fitting and I wasn’t sure I’d feel comfortable in it at first as my hips are wider than they were before, but I actually loved the way this dress made my new shape look!

On another note, I listened to Lauren Conrad’s new podcast, Asking For a Friend, yesterday. The first episode was about becoming a first time mom and the “rise of Instagram moms”. Lauren and her first guest, Leslie Ann Bruce who is the author of “you are a f*cking awesome mom” were talking about “Instagram” moms and how they always have some sort of boho braid and their child in a bonnet. I laughed out loud because I knew I had this post coming out today and of course, my hair is in a braid! Side note: still with my long shower I didn’t wash my hair…so braid + hat it was! Also, once we finished photos I looked over to Jamie and said “AWWW SHOOT, I had a cute bonnet I wanted Edwin to wear for these photos but I forgot it at home!”. So basically, I am the “Instagram mom”, haha! HOWEVER, I still want to keep it real by saying that an outfit like this is now a 10% of the time occurrence. 90% of the time I’m in leggings, my hair hasn’t been washed and it’s in a bun, and I am covered in spit up, poo and have leaky boobs (sorry if TMI!). So basically, what I’m trying to say, is that Instagram really only shows 10% of what our lives actually look like and my friends, this is a highlight reel of my weekend. There was still a crying baby to soothe and, laundry to fold at the end of the day!

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