October 14, 2021

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is already over and now we’re looking forward to Halloween! We’ve been diving into all things spooky for weeks now and Edwin can’t get enough of it. He’s OBSESSED with his Halloween books, pumpkins, and all things witches, zombies, and monsters. It is adorable and makes me feel like a giddy kid when it comes to holidays. Eller is interested too and wants to do everything his big bro is doing. I recently made Edwin a Halloween-themed sensory bin that included a skeleton arm and Eller could not get enough of it. He was pulling himself up onto the sensory table and playing with the arm and shredded paper and loving every second of it! 

This past weekend, we went to visit my grandma after our turkey festivities were over. We shot a few photos beforehand while my sis took Edwin to the playground. I’ve been holding onto this outfit in my closet since the end of August hoping to take photos of it and finally had the chance to! I’ve been very into the sweater vest trend this season and love the look of them as a dress with a white shirt underneath. I also love the look with leather leggings and sneakers (I’ll definitely be wearing that when the weather cools down). Eller was just happy to hang out and take photos with me and he could not look cuter in this candy corn knitted hat from a local company, In the Loop. Edwin also has a matching hat (are you surprised? haha!).

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