Highs, Lows And Why I’ve Been SO Tired This Week

March 23, 2018

{Breakfast has been my favourite meal this week. Pictured above is a strawberry-peach smoothie bowl with spinach. Topped with strawberries, blueberries, banana, chia seeds, hemp hearts, coconut, and almonds.}

This week I realized trying to take truly good care of yourself (I’ll get to that in a second), running a full-time business and balancing relationships to the best of your ability is damn tough work. As I’ve mentioned, I’m now working out 3-4 times a week, which has been incredible for both my physical and mental health and has for all intents and purposes, been a pretty easy thing to incorporate into my routine. But, this week, I embarked on an even more difficult journey towards wellness and that’s the Whole30 program.

I actually wasn’t even planning on talking about my starting the Whole30 program because I’m still not 100% sure I’m going to succeed. I mean, a whole month without ANY type of sugar including but not limited to honey and maple syrup AND NO WINE!? How the heck is a girl who absolutely loves her glass of red paired with something sweet every. single. night. supposed to survive this!? I have no Idea.

For now though, I’m on day 5 and I can tell you, while I am physically feeling exhausted (I’ve needed a solid hour-long nap every day this week) which I’m assuming is a major 26-year sugar crash, I’m feeling good. I have cooked some amazing, Whole 30 approved meals, and said no to wine and cheese at 2 events…and that’s huge for me. While Whole30 isn’t a forever life change, I am excited to see if I see improvements on things such as my mood, skin (acne and eczema) and finding out if I have any food allergies (so far I haven’t felt bloated once which is amazing to me).

Once Whole30 is complete (and I’m taking a cheat day on Easter), I’m going to slowly introduce the “off-limits” foods back into my diet so I can see what does and doesn’t affect me. If you guys want to hear more about Whole30, or if you’re completely against my talking about it here, please do let me know! Oh, and don’t worry, there will still be sweet things shared on this here blog…they’ll just have to be taste tested by Jamie, who is very willing to do so. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, I’ll see you Monday.
{Having a little fangirl moment while meeting Monika Hibbs this week.}{The aforementioned cheese board I said no to, but she sure was pretty.}{SO proud of my sister for winning the “Rising Star” award and having her photograph “Pretty Ugly” up for auction at the Snap Toronto auction.}{Picking up specialty tea from Kitten & the Bear as my Whole30 treat. I also picked up scones and jam for Easter because I am going all out on the 1st.}

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