Highs and Lows

May 30, 2014

IMG_6152{I made my boyfriend steal some lilacs from a bush…I can’t help it they are my favourite scent!}

I love the feeling that the warm weather breeds around the city. Everyone around me, including myself, is automatically in a happier mood and more apt to spend all their time wisely. For me, I tried to spend as much of this gorgeous week outside as possible, taking time to go for walks with my boyfriend, sit on the patio and shoot lots of outfit posts. Although I have had some sort of chest cold for the last week it hasn’t slowed me down, but I am going to head to the clinic this morning just in case. Have a great weekend everyone, see you Monday!

IMG_5733{Adding fresh ingredients to basic water. From left to right; lime-mint, strawberry-lemonade, and cucumber-lime-lemon

IMG_5758{First Jay’s game of the season with my new Jay’s hat!}

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