Highs And Lows

March 30, 2018

{Taking full advantage of the flower covered swing at the Spring One of a Kind Show.}

Happy Good Friday friends! I didn’t realize until about mid-way through the week that today is actually a holiday and I suppose I could have cut the week short. However, since I’d already been taking some snaps throughout the week, I figured I’d share. I also have a round-up of my favourite Easter links from around the web going live earlier this afternoon, but I am going to be taking Monday off so I still get a long weekend. I’m also taking a day off from Whole 30 tomorrow to enjoy Easter to the fullest. I have a 12 pack of Kitten & The Bear scones in my freezer and jam on my counter that have my name ALL over them. I’m also planning on finishing up some spring cleaning and organizing this weekend. I brought out all of my spring clothing yesterday and packed up winter clothes and realized that I have SO many items I want to sell. I’m thinking of hosting a closet sale via my Facebook page within the next couple of weeks, so if you’d like to score something from my closest, be sure to like my page and keep an eye out. Anyway, that’s it from me for this week friends. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend, I’ll see you Tuesday!
{Knee deep into wedding prep and loving the cover of this issue of Flutter Magazine. }
{Milo forever by my side while I shoot content.}
{Last weekend flower arranging with the prettiest pink ranunculus.}
{Beat up sneakers on a pretty pink carpet.}

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