Highs And Lows

January 12, 2018

{Two of my favourite Christmas gifts sitting pretty on our Console. A hand-drawn print of Milo and a letter board.}

This week, I finally felt as though I was getting back into the swing of things after what felt like the longest vacation ever. I made lists and tackled (mostly) everything on them and prepped for upcoming content which felt great! While our heating/hot water situation still isn’t fixed, (we found out we need a new tank that doesn’t arrive until Monday) we’re dealing with it by boiling water, mixing it with cold, and simply just sponge bathing. It’s definitely not the most glamorous of settings, and I miss the shower and bath desperately, but it is amazing how little hot water one actually needs. I am officially more grateful than ever before for the luxury that is hot water and won’t ever take it for granted again. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, see you Monday! 
{My winter uniform. (slippers, PJ top, PJ bottoms, blanket)}
{The most delicious and I might add, aesthetically pleasing brunch at Early Bird.}
{Picking up a gift at Bluboho and I obviously couldn’t leave without snapping a photo of the floor.}
{Afformentioned gift from Bluboho, The Five-Minute Journal, and the prettiest ring to represent “shedding skin” in the new year.}

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