Highs And Lows

December 16, 2016

{I don’t think there could be anything cuter than a dog in a hat.}

Phew, sorry for the late blog post guys but that drive from Toronto to Halifax was probably the longest 20 hours of my life, and of course my laptop died on the way. It was also freezing and there was a whole lotta’ snow, but I can safely say we are finally back in Halifax. Let the holiday festivities commence! In case you’re interested, there is a blanket of white snow extending all the way from Toronto to the East Coast, making me think that a white Christmas is a definite possibility this year (as opposed to the sunny, 13 degree Christmas we had last year). Next week keep an eye out for a bunch of holiday content coming your way because I’ll be sharing right up until Friday. After that vacation mode sets in for me! I hope you all have a lovely weekend, see you Monday!

{The coziest holiday vignette at Anthropologie on Queen West.}

{A pine covered sign for the Blush and Bloom Holiday Market}

{Love seeing the Foxhound Collection X The Blondielocks candles available at the Ryerson Artspace.}

{Colourful ribbon lined walls at the Blush and Bloom Studio.}

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