Highs And Lows

September 9, 2016

{Flowers sent over from Wild North Flowers for an upcoming post.}

I’m feeling very accomplished this week after shooting a post I’ve been prepping for weeks (sneak peek above) and attending a handful of events. For the most part I shy away from a lot of the bigger events in the city because I’m adamant on maintaining a balanced at home life (nothing beats couch time with Jamie and Milo) and attending events every night really cuts into that. With that being said the fall is a crazy time for events so I’ve been trying to pick and choose. Today I’m heading to Before the Flood at Tiff courtesy of Grey Goose and am hoping to get a glimpse of my ultimate celebrity crush, Leo. Have a great weekend everyone, see you Monday!
{Being silly with Gaby at the Nordstrom Toronto sneak peak. }
{Cute corners at Early Bird Espresso.}
{Treating myself to a eucalyptus lavender pedicure thanks to Thursday Plantation essential oils.}
{McCaf√© has just released their newest premium roast and I’m excited to be working more with them in the following months}

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