Highs And Lows

January 22, 2016

{Very happy with the results of our newly installed wall lamps.}

I cannot believe that it has already been almost a month since Christmas. Honestly, where does the time go? This weekend I’m planning a fun Valentine’s Day themed shoot with a girlfriend and I couldn’t be more excited. Besides Christmas, Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. Even though some don’t consider it so, I just love the idea of celebrating all of those that you love…and when you can throw pretty shades of pink and red, chocolate and flowers into the mix, count me in! 
{Joe Fresh spring beauty products..I’m love the lipstick in “Scarlet” for right now.}
{The cutest mini heart candies from squish just in time for Valentine’s Day.}
{Milo helping out with the laundry–as per usual.}
{A very pretty and fragrant DIY floral bouquet stand.}

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