Highs And Lows

August 14, 2015

{Butter ice cream on top of paper-thin pancakes with raspberries, yes please!}

This past Sunday I felt such a shift in the season. It was almost as if a sudden breeze came flying through the city and I could instantly feel the summer winding down and fall in the air. I purchased a big cup of warm tea and browsed the stores for all of falls new arrivals. Although there are still a few more good weeks of summer left and I am counting down the days to be in Halifax for a bit of r&r at the beach with my family, I am looking forward to September and the feeling of fall once again.
{Milo fell asleep with his toy while I was shooting a post and I caught his adorable position}
{A beautiful Tonic Blooms delivery}
{The prettiest table setting at The Chic Canuck brunch.}
{A floaty tulle skirt that I can’t wait to style up.}

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