August 12, 2013

1-1This outfit was one of those “I have a few seconds to decide what I’m going to wear tonight” outfits. I was going to an outdoor concert and I wanted to look put together, but still feel warm and appropriate so I grabbed my go-to black joe fresh pants, simple white tank and topped it off with my other go-to Joe Fresh faux leather jacket. I felt like a concert was the ideal time to bust out my gold headpiece and as far as I was concerned my boyfriend couldn’t make fun because well, who wouldn’t want to wear a headpiece to a concert? Obviously not thinking that the wind or humidity would affect the style. I love the look of a headpiece, it can make the most simple outfit sparkle and save you from a bad hair day. But I’d love to know what are your thoughts on the headpiece trend? Stay or stray?
2-1 3-1 4-1 5-1 6-1 7-1 8-1What I’m Wearing; Top; Guess // Pants; Joe Fresh // Jacket; Joe Fresh // Shoes; Steve Madden / Clutch; American Eagle // Headpiece; Envy // Cuffs; Banana Republic // Polish; Essie’s Wicked

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