Finding My Flare

April 28, 2016

When I ventured out of the fitting room in these jeans to ask my boyfriend his opinion (yes, I do that) the first thing he said to me was “who do you think you are, hot Donna?” If you’ve watched That 70’s Show then you’ll know that it was a total compliment because I absolutely love seventies fashion and Donna from That 70’s show is kind of a boss. I was also wearing a Pink Floyd t-shirt at the time so I could totally see where he was coming from with his statement. I’m definitely not averse to sporting trends when they arise, but the seventies trend that’s been popular as of late has me feeling pretty giddy, especially with the resurgence of flared jeans. If you are a bit hesitant about the flared jean comeback and even the off the shoulder trend for that matter, I highly recommend these flares jeans from Joe Fresh and top from H&M. Together they cost around $50 and the quality is great so you can’t really go wrong with either of them.
flared_jeans_2016_2 flared_jeans_2016_3 flared_jeans_2016_4 flared_jeans_2016_5 flared_jeans_2016_6 flared_jeans_2016_7
What I’m Wearing: Flared Jeans; Joe Fresh (here) // Top; H&M (here) // Heels; c/o Le Chateau (here) // Earrings; c/o Jenny Bird (here) // Bag; H&M (here)

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