Feeling Fall

November 7, 2022

Happy Monday, friends! Firstly, if you can’t tell by the pumpkin I’m holding in a few of these photos, and Eller’s ghost print Leggings, this blog post was meant to be shared before Halloween. However, I haven’t made the transition into the holidays juuust yet and so I’m still going to share! Plus, it has literally been 20 degrees around here and I’m not looking forward to bundling up just yet! I wore this outfit a few weeks ago to go pumpkin picking with the kiddos and my family and loved every second of it. I have been taking a much more practical approach to my style recently, opting for easy outfits with little touches that feel special. Case in point: these patchwork jeans. They added just enough “oomph” to give this look some interest but still allowed me to run around the pumpkin patch and have fun with my kids. And can we talk about these boots for a second!? My friends at Cougar recently gifted them to me, and when I tell you I’ve worn them every day since I’m not kidding! They’re so comfy, are waterproof and add such a great edge to any look. You know I love an extra feminine look, but my goodness…between being a mom to two wild little guys and getting ready for Studio Twenty-Two, I just can’t find the time to dress the way I used to. However, that doesn’t mean sacrificing style…that I will never do! 

What I’m Wearing: Sweater (similar) // Jeans (here) // Boots (here) // Bag (here)

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