Family Trip to Mahone Bay

July 30, 2020

Earlier this week, my little family + my mom and sister all took a day trip to one of my favorite summer spots, Mahone Bay. I’ve been making it a point to plan day trips to drivable places around Nova Scotia this summer and as always, Mahone Bay was on my list. Unfortunately, a lot of the stores seemed to be closed on the Monday that we went and I’m not sure if it was due to COVID or just because it was a Monday. We did still manage to pop into a few of my fave stores like The Teazers (I bought Edwin his first baby doll) and Here nor There shop where I picked up a cute “L” for Logan initial bracelet. We also had a delicious patio lunch and then stopped by the Barn for iced coffee. I snapped so many pictures of our day and my outfit so of course, I had to share. 

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