Adult Easter Basket Inspiration

March 25, 2015


8I grew up in  a household that celebrated basically every holiday, my grandma especially went all out with decorations from everything from St. Patrick’s day to our Graduations. Even after I became older, my mom would still send easter packages filled with chocolate and treats for spring. I think that I will always love making the most out of every occasion and celebrating it to the fullest extent. This adult easter basket is the perfect way to bring back the old familiar feelings of being a child with the practicality of being an adult.  This easter basket is actually a pot and can be used afterwards to plant the carrot seeds that have also been added. Plus, how cute is the fluffy bunny hand cream and the bunch of carrots bath bomb?

White Lace Planter
Colourful Twine
Basket Shred
-Carrot Seeds (local market)
-Assorted Chocolate (local grocers)
Clear Plastic Bags
Carrot Bath Bomb
Nail Polish
Paper Straws
Hand Cream

3{Instead of putting all of the paper straws in one basket, select a handful and tie them up with twine.}

4{Mini Eggs come in the prettiest pastel hues, show them off by filling up a clear plastic bag with them, and tie with twine. }




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