East Coastin’

August 30, 2017

Jamie and I have never been one of those couples that feel the need to match our outfits, as quite frankly, I find it a bit kitschy. However, when East Coast Lifestyle, a Halifax based clothing and lifestyle store, reached out asking me if I’d be interested in picking out a few of their pieces to style, I thought that it would be pretty darn fun to involve the whole family (it doesn’t get much cuter than milo in that scarf, am I right?). We headed to Lawrencetown Beach early one morning which felt like the perfect background to represent the east coast. I’ve been a fan of East Coast Lifestyle for a while but recently their pieces have gotten even more stylish. I love this EAST sweater as I find it looks very collegiate and only people who know about the brand would know what the “east” represents, so it kind of feels like we’re in a cool east coast club, haha! The white and black “east coastin'” t-shirts are another one of my faves as to me, they represent what life on the east coast is all about and that’s easy living. I love them paired with jeans or denim cut offs and simple slides. We’re back in Toronto now so I just loved being able to share one last ode’ to the east coast here today. Until next time, Halifax!
What We’re Wearing: East Coast Lifestyle Hoodie (here) // East Coast Lifestyle T-shirt (here) // Levis Shorts (here)

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