December 6, 2021

Happy Monday, friends! How was your weekend? We picked up our Christmas tree from the farm last week on the rainest and muddiest day possible. Needless to say, our big plans for taking our time picking a tree and taking cute family photos was rained out. Regardless of the rain, we had the most fun (and memorable) time. I even dropped my phone in the mud just before we got back to our car, but thankfully it didn’t break and all I could do was laugh! I was able to snap this adorable photo above of Jamie and Edwin taking the tree back to the truck and thought it was perfect for today’s gift guide…gifts for the men! 

I don’t know about you, but I find the men in my life incredibly difficult to shop for. Either they buy everything they want or need or simply don’t have any input on what they would like for Christmas. It can be maddening, haha! HOWEVER, Fear not for I have got you covered with a list of no-fail options for even the pickiest of men. From a cozy pair of slippers to a book I recommend every man (and woman + they) read, and a vacuum that I promise will make even the most slacking of house cleaners want to get the dirt off the floor, haha! This guide is sure to please any man in your life. 

01. Underdog Leather Boxing Bag // 02. Organic Cotton Mock Neck Sweater // 03. Manscaped The Plow Safety Razor // 04. Replica By the Fireplace // 05. Will Autobiography // 06. Kinsip Whiskey Barrel Aged Maple Syrup // 07. Veja V-10 Sneakers // 08. UGG Scuff Slipper // 09. Tilley Two Toned Sherpa Jacket // 10. Theragun Mini Percussive Massager // 11. Hush Cooling Weighted Blanket // 12, //  Matte Black Clara French Press // 13. // Saxx Boxer Briefs // 14. Hart Tools Cordless Stick Vacuum 

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