Christmas 2019 Gift Guide: Gifts For Him

December 10, 2019

First off, since the photo above may lead you to believe otherwise, let me clarify that this guide isn’t for dads (though I’m sure daddios would love these gifts too, haha!). I just think Jamie looks so cute in this photo and it was the only current holiday picture I have of him, haha! Plus, there can never be enough Edwin here on the blog, am I right!? Anyway, onto the gift guide!! It took me a while to curate these gifts because I always find shopping for my husband SO hard since he always says he doesn’t need or want anything. I assume a lot of the guys in your life are the same too? I wanted to make sure that these gifts were the perfect mix of stylish, practical and cool. Specifically on this list I am excited about #1…The Larq Bottle, which Jamie told me about a few months ago. It’s a water bottle that self cleans!!! I’m also in love with the sweater (#2) it’s classic but also unique and looks so cozy. #3 and #11 are great self care options, and #11 is a very stylish looking razor that would look beautiful on the bathroom counter! I hope this gift guide leaves you feeling inspired to get shopping for your guys! 

1. LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle
2. Neural Ombre Stripe Sweater
3. Bro Sheet Mask (great stocking stuffer)
4. Le Labo Classic Fragrance Discovery Kit
5. Holiday scented candle + Match strike set
6. Marled Cashmere Gloves
7. Classic Navy Suede Slippers
8. The Ride of a Lifetime book by Robert Iger
9. Cozy socks (anther great stocking stuffer)
10. Marled Cashmere hat (to match the gloves of course)
11. Aluminum and Brass Angle Razor & Stand
12. Matte Black Wireless Headphones and Case

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