Cafe Lunette

March 21, 2022

Happy spring my friends! I’m typing this while my toddler is sitting on my lap playing with my bracelets and trying to type… so if there are grammatical errors in this post, please forgive me, haha! Wow, it feels SO nice to say that spring is here!!! Last week we had 3 days of beautiful weather so we took full advantage by going on walks and heading to the playground multiple times. My sister also kindly took care of Edwin for a couple of hours so Jamie, Eller, and I could check out the new Café Lunette and shoot some photos.

It was beyond incredible to get out with Jamie and spend solo time with Eller. It’s often hard to get one-on-one time with each of our kids and to me, that is such an important aspect of parenting. Being able to give our full attention to each child at different times helps us really get to know each of our kids as individuals and then when we’re all back together again we can enjoy each other as a unit. I was able to take Edwin to the playground a couple of times last week and that one-on-one time was so special to me as well.

Anyway, on to Café Lunette! You guys, I am elated over all of the new spots opening up in Halifax. In particular, the Queen’s Marquee is bursting with exciting new restaurants. As soon as Café Lunette opened I was like “JAMIE WE HAVE TO GO AND SHOOT HERE!!”. I may have been a little over ecstatic, but I was feeling very nostalgic because when we lived in Toronto, shooting at restaurants was something Jamie and I did all of the time. Café Lunette felt like a little slice of Toronto   (even though it’s a French-inspired bistro) in Halifax and to be able to bring Eller along for the adventure was also very sweet. Eller was such a fun date and everyone working was so kind and playful with him. We spilled my entire coffee and every single person working rushed over to help. I was slightly mortified, but I’m just grateful the hot coffee missed Eller and our outfits entirely. We were able to clean it up quickly and move on with our meal. We ordered coffee, an almond/chocolate croissant, and the Cervelle De Canut En Tarte which was a delicate pastry with whipped cheese, veggies, and greens. It was delicious! We weren’t very hungry otherwise we would have tried some other offerings however we will certainly go back for a date night to try their cocktails and dinner menu. I highly recommend checking out Café lunette. The food, coffee atmosphere, and service were top-notch.

As for my outfit, I was feeling rather Gen Z in this cropped floral blouse, baggy jeans, and sneakers but I’m kind of loving it!? I was unsure at first but I actually love the mix of the feminine blouse with the more laid-back jeans and sneakers. I felt cute and comfortable and like I could wear this outfit and do all of the mom things. This particular floral print seems to be H&Ms signature print this spring because it appears in multiple pieces from a dress to the cutest pair of jeans. I think its such a delicate, sweet print so be sure to check out the shop buttons below to see what other goodies come in this print. 

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