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Gold Dipped Manicure

August 5, 2014


What could be more luxurious than a gold dipped manicure? Although the name may sound pricy and difficult, it is actually cheaper than a manicure at the salon and so easy! Liquid gold leaf is one of the items that I always have on hand as I can use it for just about anything I want to add a little glamour too…including my nails. So when I found the perfect shade of blue by Butter London at Blossom Lounge I knew instantly that it and the liquid gold would make for the prettiest of summer nail art. Read below to learn how to do this opulent gold mani for yourself!

1. Butter London “Poole” Nail Polish
2. Q-Tips
3. Nail Polish Remover
4. Painters Tape
5. Angled Brush
6. Liquid Gold Leaf


Step 1: After shaping and buffing nails to your preferred shape, start by painting nails with a thin coat of nail polish. I did three coats of Butter London’s Poole nail polish to achieve a fully opaque look.

Step 2: Remove any nail polish mistakes by dipping a Q-Tip in some nail polish remover and gently rub it along fingers. Let nails dry completely before moving onto step 3.4

Step 3: Using painters tape (scotch tape shown here), tape a diagonal line from the middle top of your nail to the middle bottom. Press firmly on the tape to ensure no liquid gold will bleed.

Step 4: Using a very small amount of liquid gold, gently dab it onto your nails moving slowly and carefully. Allow the gold to dry fully and gently remove the tape. If there are any patches gently fix them using a small ammount of gold. 5

Series: Gifts for the Culinary Lover

November 27, 2013


Last week began the start of a new series all about the best gifts for three of the topics I cover on my blog (fashion, food and home). To start out the series I discussed some great gift ideas for the fashion lover and featured some of the best designer collaborations of the season and a little bit of glamour sparkle. This week; however, is specifically designed for the culinary lover in your life. If you have someone who enjoys to cook, appreciates putting detail into meals and loves entertaining then this culinary gift guide is perfect for foodie in your life.


1. Monogram Cheeseboard- $19.50: Everyone loves to have monogrammed pieces in their home. They are classic and add a personal touch to those items that may seem otherwise mundane. Many foodies love to have appetizers while cooking dinner and enjoying a glass of wine— or is that just me? A monogrammed cheese plate is the perfect way to elegantly showcase an evening snack.

2. Nostalgic Gingerbread Ornaments (set of 5)- $24: What could be better than combining a classic Christmas present with the thing that your culinary lover loves most? This adorable gingerbread cookie ornament set of 5 comes pre-iced and looks good enough to eat…almost!

3. Lucero Vinegar & Olive Oil Gift Set-$50: One of the places in Halifax that I discovered this summer was Liquid Gold, an amazing olive oil and vinegar bar where you can let your imagination run wild with all of the different flavours to choose from (see Olive Oil Popcorn here). For the person on your list who cooks often,  olive oils and vinegar’s are one of  their best friends in the kitchen. If you are not in Halifax to check out Liquid Gold then this set, from Lucero, is available to order online— and the packaging is beautiful!

4. Shut Your Lid & Can it Tote- $20: A gift that is both punny and practical, this “Shut your lid and can it” tote is great for the foodie who shops at the local market on the weekends— and doesn’t like to waste plastic bags!

5. Mushroom Measuring Spoons- $21: Measuring spoons will forever be the baking tool that breaks because they have been used for countless pies, cakes and muffins.  So give them a set that they can be proud to put on display and use only for the most special of occasions— like Christmas dessert!

6. Honeycomb Beverage Tub- $21: Assuming that the foodie in your life likes to share her cooking skills with others by entertaining often, they will love this gold beverage tub for wine and spirits; especially around the holiday season, when having extra room in the fridge for food is a must. Don’t want to wrap up a beverage tub alone? No problem! Fill it with a few bottles of wine, an opener and some glasses and you have a great gift basket idea!

7. Plaid Dishtowel- $8: A practical yet stylish gift. This plaid gift towel in the print of the season is a great add on to any one of these gifts— or on its own in a stocking stuffer!

8. Scarlet Fondant Apron- $33.60: How cute it this apron from Anthropologie!? Not only will it keep the mess off the receiver of your gift but it will keep her feeling like Mrs. Clause all through the holiday season!

9. Butternut Mountain Maple Syrup- $68: There is nothing sweeter than the warm feeling of maple syrup on homemade pancakes and waffles. Give the gift of indulgence with this handmade maple syrup from Vermont— packaged especially for the Terrain company.

10. Reindeer Appetizer Plates- $53: You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, but did you know how cute they would be on an appetizer plate!? These plates are made of hand fired porcelain and finished with a hand placed decal of the most famous reindeers of all (except Rudolph) and are available in sets of 4. If you think your culinary lover would appreciate a whimsical gift to serve their delicious appetizers on then best to get 2 sets!


December 11, 2020

You guys we made it!!! My last gift guide of 2020 (excluding the holiday beauty gift set round-up that I’ll be sharing next week). In my opinion, I’ve saved the best for last because I just LOVE stocking stuffers. Read more…

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