5 Minute Wrap Around Braid

July 2, 2014

1Ever since I cut my hair above my shoulders, I have found it difficult to do any kind of hair style other than leaving it down or putting it into a low half bun. But lately I have been experimenting with braids that work for shorter hair. This wrapped braid has been one that I have worn a few times before on my blog, and is definitely one of my go-to styles for days when I haven’t washed my hair. It looks so chic and yet only takes minutes to complete! Read on to see how to achieve this look for yourself!

What you will need:
1. Dry shampoo
2. Comb
3. Hair clip
4. Clear hair elastics
5. Bobby pins

3Step 1: This braid works best on hair that has been left unwashed, so to begin, brush and spray hair with a dry shampoo to soak up any unwanted oils.

4Step 2: Part hair in the middle or if you prefer, leave the part a little messy. Clip one side of your hair before beginning to braid the hair.

5Step 3: Begin the braid by sectioning off 3 pieces of hair the top of your head. Start braiding your hair in a regular braiding motion. When you have gone through about two motions of regular braiding, take each section of hair and grab a smaller section of loose hair, incorporating that piece into the braid. Keep doing this every time you cross over a piece of hair. Make sure for this braid to go over the hair instead of under like you would for a regular french braid. Once the braid is completed secure the bottom with a clear hair elastic.

6Step 4: Remove clip and repeat the braid on the other side of your head. Secure that with the clear hair elastic.

7Step 5: Bring each side of the braid to the other side of your head, making sure to secure it with bobby pins.

8Step 6: Lightly pull apart the braid just enough so that it doesn’t look too done, giving it that thrown together look.

9Finished look

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