Highs and Lows

1 {Showing off Milo’s new trick; I taught him “speak!”}

Last night Jamie and I went to visit two of our best friends who just had the most precious baby girl. I wasn’t expecting to get so emotional over seeing her for the first time, but of course, I did and tears of joy just flooded down my face. I can honestly say she was the sweetest, most precious little girl (with the cutest red hair), and holding her made me feel so much love! I am so happy for the two of  them, and can’t wait to see more of their new little family over the holidays! Have a great weekend everyone, see you Monday!

2 {The first of my Christmas wrapping complete.}

3 {Two of my oldest friends’ daughter and her little newborn feet!}

Salt and Pepper Cardigan With Plaid


Before we left for Halifax this past Sunday, we took a trip to Queen Street to do some last minute shopping and browsing. We picked up some macarons from Nadegé for our cousin, gifts from The Paper Store, and I picked up the prettiest necklace and ring from Oak & Fort. We ended up taking Milo on our little day trip, which made it even better, because he was allowed in SO MANY of the stores. I am pretty sure he was feeling pretty good about himself at the end of the day too, because he was flooded with more attention than the people actually doing the buying.





7 What I’m Wearing: Jacket; Nobis via Blossom Lounge (here) // Shirt; Mink Pink (similar) // Cardigan: c/o Dynamite (here) // Jeans; Joe Fresh (here) // Boots; Johnstone & Murphy (similar) // Bacelet; c/o Brave Leather (here) // Bag; Rebecca Minkoff (here)

DIY: Snowy Christmas Tree Branches


When it comes to decorating our house for Christmas, the week of November 15th is when I get really excited for the holidays. I put up the tree, start Christmas baking, and  begin feeling festive. In our home we usually stick to decorating the living room pretty simply, and leave everything else as it is, as we know we won’t be staying in Toronto over the holidays. This year, however, I got a huge spark of inspiration when I was in target (obviously), and was wandering around the Christmas section. I picked up a white Christmas tree and this adorable polar bear figurine. That same night, my sisters, boyfriend and I ventured out to a near by wooded area to cut down some branches. The next morning, my sisters and I painted the tree branches, set them in a vase and strung ornaments to it.  With a few items from Target, It created, what I think, is a beautiful Christmas vignette, right in my bedroom.








What You Will Need:
1. Branches
2. Scissors
3. White acrylic paint
4. Shimmering opal paint
5. Sponge paint brush
6. Mini ornaments
7. White String

To Make:
1. Begin cutting the tree branches to size and testing them out in a tall vase before painting.

2. Paint the branches using a shimmering opal colour and allow to dry.

3. When the first layer of paint is dry, dab a few areas of the branches with white acrylic paint, to make it look like snow has fallen onto the branches.

4. Tie white string into the ornaments and then tie those around the branches. This will make the tree look like the ornaments are floating.