Highs And Lows

July 31, 2015

{Temporary gold pineapple c/o Starbucks #AddSparkle campaign. }

Tomorrow officially marks the first day of August which is always my favourite month. Although this whole summer has been a bit of a coin toss when it came to making any finite plans, August always seems to find a way to make everything fall into its rightful place.  I hope everyone has a great weekend, see you Monday!
{Jamie woke up extra early one morning this week and made me a Andouille Sausage hash + side salad breakfast.}
{Getting glowing bronzed skin in a flash with Benefit’s new Do the Hoola kit.}
{Beer + mini donut indulgences at Toronto Beer Fest.}
{A stylish way to keep my hand washables separated and hidden.}

Sea Legs

July 30, 2015

Last Thursday evening I headed down to the Queens Quay boardwalk and set aboard a Mariposa Cruise with Jamie. It was my first time ever being on the water in Toronto (besides taking the ferry over to the island) and I was so excited to see what the sunset would look like from the ships vantage point. As soon as we got onto the cruise we headed right to the ships stern where we knew we would have a beautiful view of the sun setting over the skyline. Sometimes it is so easy to get overwhelmed living in such a big city so seeing it all from that point of view made it feel like it wasn’t so big after all. After the sun set, Jamie and I enjoyed Alexander Keith’s beer and a band from the East Coast. We felt very at home during this kitchen party themed cruise and ended up dancing and singing to most of the songs that the band played that evening. I wore a pretty simple outfit in a nautical inspired colour scheme in which I felt cute, comfy and very cruise appropriate.
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What I’m Wearing: Top; J Crew Factory (here) // Jeans; Topshop (here) // Bag; H&M (similar) // Espadrilles; Target (similar) // Rings; Tiffany & Co. (here) & Tacori c/o Barrys Jewellers (here)

Monthly Musings

July 29, 2015

July has come and gone in the blink of an eye and it feels like only now that Toronto is experiencing summer. After our busy trip to Delaware, Jamie’s birthday and hopelessly searching for a place to live I am keeping every finger and toe crossed that we will be able to make it home to Halifax at the end of August to enjoy our last bit of the summer with our family.
1. Celebrating the 4th:
For the first time Jamie and I were both in the USA during the 4th of July. On our way to one of the dog friendly beaches in Delaware we picked up an American flag and I toted it around with us all day (even sticking it outside of the car window while we were driving). I felt so patriotic and so impressed with how mostly every home in Lewes was decked out with American flags. Later that day Jamie and I enjoyed the fireworks from the inns patio which was so nice since we had missed all of the Canada Day celebrations back home.
2. More Maman:
I have already mentioned Maman multiple times on my blog and Instagram since it opened a few weeks ago, but I truly can’t get enough of this friend and family run business. I think their coffee and baked goods are delicious and I’m looking forward to working on a collaborative post with them asap!
3. Google Hangs:
I was recently invited to Google to sit in on a class about YouTube. I have always bounced around the idea having a YouTube channel but have always felt a bit camera shy. The class gave me a whole new insight on how I am able to utilize YouTube to my advantage and I am now heavily thinking about starting up my own channel. In case you are interested here are two YouTube videos I collaborated on with relationship expert Kimberly Moffit. (here & here)

5. A boost of Energy:
Although I like to think of myself as a doer I tend to become sluggish and tired in the middle of the day. The Fountain Energy Molecule has been a quick and unique solution that gives me an immediate boost of energy throughout the day. The tart taste alone is enough to stimulate my senses and I love that all I need is a teaspoon.
6. Rocky:
On our way home from Delaware Jamie and I decided to make a stop over in Philadelphia for a little day trip. We had Milo with us all day so everything that we did in Philly had to be dog friendly. Thankfully so many of the shops that we went in to allowed Milo inside. Of course we did a couple touristy things as well like enjoying a famous Philly Cheese Steak and climbing up the famous Rocky steps.
7. A Me Moment:
I haven’t had a lot of time to myself this month that hasn’t involved working on my laptop. One evening last week I decided to take a little break and watched a movie on Netflix and gave myself an at home pedicure. My toes don’t looks so scary any more!
8. Christmas in July:
Not that I want to start thinking about Christmas at the moment but in the media world holiday previews are in full motion! This display by Layer Cake Bakery featured snowflake cookies, gold foil macarons, and cake in a jar and had me feeling the holiday spirit…even if it was just for a couple of hours.
9. Boardwalk Walks:
Milo normally goes to the same two parks in our area because they are convenient and we now know so many the dogs and owners that frequent them. But when I was asked to join in on the Purina PawsWay morning walk a couple of weekends ago I jumped at the chance to try something different. Jamie, Milo and I loved walking along the Queens Quay boardwalk with a big group of dog owners and lovers, and we will most definitely be joining in on another walk asap.
10. Skyline Cruise Views:
I have lived in Toronto for going on 5 years now and have only ever been on the water when taking the ferry over to the island, or paddle boarding at the beaches. I was recently was invited to head aboard a Mariposa Cruise and couldn’t believe how gorgeous the skyline of Toronto looked as the sun set over the water.

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