Ham & Cheddar Buttermilk Biscuits


Lately I have been watching back to back episodes of Diners, Drive in’s and Dives. If you watch DDD, then you will know that the entire time you are watching you are basically salivating at all of the delicious food being featured. The other day I was watching an episode where a bakery was making ham & cheddar biscuits and I suddenly became encapsulated by the idea of making my own. Although this was my first attempt at making any kind of biscuits, this recipe was a no fail, and the end result was light, buttery and flaky. Thankfully now when I am watching my next episode of DDD, I will have something to keep my mouth occupied…until the next craving strikes.









Grand Electric


After Jamie and I went to Electric Mud for his birthday dinner a couple of weeks ago, we decided that since it was so good we would try Grand Electric, their first restaurant just around the corner. Although this is a Toronto hot spot for Mexican, and I love Mexican food, I had never been (sue me). After trying 4 different kinds of tacos and their guac and chips, I couldn’t believe how good and different each one was. It was also a good thing that I wore this denim shirt over my dress, it made it easier to hide the food baby on the way out.

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7 What I’m Wearing: Shirt; 7 For All Mankind (similar) // Dress; Old Navy (similar) // Sandals; Sam Edelman (here) // Bag; Rebecca Minkoff (here) // Necklace; Jenny Bird via Blossom Lounge (here)

Highs and Lows

1 {The prettiest garden that I snuck into to take pictures}

I am a worry wart by nature, and although I try not to stress over the small things, anyone who knows me can tell when I am worried and can read my facial expressions like a book. Milo ended up getting sick this week, and of course I became frantic and took to the internet (not a good idea for someone like me). I won’t get into gross detail about what was going on with him, but he also had a cough that was worrying me the most. We ended up taking him to the vet, and he was diagnosed with Kennel Cough. Apparently it is a common cold in dogs and normally fixes itself up in time. Milo’s energy is still as rambunctious as usual so hopefully he is coming around, but I have tried to watch him as closely as possible all week. Because I have to work all weekend, I don’t have anything planned. Let’s just hope I get a few hours to spend in the sunshine. Have a great weekend everyone, see you Monday!

2 {My favourite snack at the Return to Grace show. }

3 {Obsessing over my first Jenny Bird piece from Blossom Lounge.}

4 {I felt inspired this week and decided to spray paint a second-hand vase gold to give it some life.}