Eller James: A Birth Story

January 19, 2021

Hi guys and Happy 2021! It feels like forever since I’ve posted on the blog…but in between having a new baby and the holidays, things had to slow down and I’m completely okay with that. If there is one thing I’ve learned since becoming a mom, it is to give myself grace and time to adjust without putting extra pressure on myself to perform. With that, I finally feel ready to share Eller’s birth story with you! Read more…

The Importance Of Giving Back During The Holiday Season

December 18, 2020

When I became a mama and transitioned into sharing my motherhood journey, I also began receiving gifts for my son. Edwin has been so lucky to receive lots of presents, from clothing to the latest in toys and gadgets. Every time Edwin receives a package, I make it a point to stop and practice gratitude for the kind gifts he has been given. Read more…

Christmas Colours

December 15, 2020

Hi friends and happy Tuesday! I can’t believe I am back this week as a new mama for the second time! Wow, what a crazy experience this weekend was. Read more…

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