Thursday, July 13, 2017

DIY File: Update Your Favourite Hat With These Style Hacks

As much as I love hats and growing my existing collection, I realized that I could easily update some of them with some very simple style hacks. Guys, there's nothing extraordinary about this, and most of you probably do it already, but if it hasn't occurred to you, let me tell you that a quick switch of band gives your hat a whole new look!

Whether you want to upgrade an old hat or give your favourite one a different look, you won't need to buy a new hat with this absurdly simple twist. The best part of it is that is not permanent; basically you're interchanging bands depending on the look you want and you're not committing to a particular look :)

So, how exactly is this done? Well, first you need a hat you love and know what kind of look you want to give it. Since my Summer palette has been all about blush, white, and white and blue stripes, those are the looks I went after. As much as I loved the detail on this hat, I decided that cutting the zig-zag trim would make it more versatile and I'd get more use of it as I kept finding that the brown trim was limiting myself a bit. For the first look I wrapped the belt of a striped jumpsuit I own and voilá! A cute upgrade without having to do much. You can use a handkerchief, a thin fabric belt from a dress, even the straps of a lace-up top! Easy peasy right?

For the next ones I made super easy removable straps with grosgrain ribbon in the most beautiful blush color, and a braided white ribbon for a chic Summer vibe ;) Trust me, anyone can make them. All you need to do is measure your hat's head circumference, cut the material you're using a tiny bit larger (so that you can overlap the ends), and iron on each end, a small piece of velcro (this is what I used). Easy right? I promise it won't take you more than 10 minutes! 

Now you can upgrade your favourite hat and tailor it to any outfit you want :) What do you think? 

PS: Stay tuned for some Nordstrom's anniversary sale picks!! Yes, early access is now live!

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