Thursday, January 26, 2017

Life File: Double Knot Low Hair Bun Tutorial

Today I want to share a super simple hairstyle my hair genius friend Aylin did on me a couple of weeks ago in case you feel like switching things up or trying a new hairstyle. I love this chic twist of the low bun and I love even more how it looks peeking from a hat. If you want to try it, below are the easy steps:

1. Start with your hair down and dry.
2. Part your hair horizontally in two: a top section and a low section (make the top section fuller than the low one).
3. Take two strands from the top section, bring them to the lower back centre of your head and tie them in a knot. Secure with a clear elastic.
4. Grab the remaining section of your hair and repeat.
5. Finish the look by leaving the hair strands down or by bringing them underneath your double knots to create a bun.


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