DIY Leather Acapulco Chair | Target Hack

I think I've come to grips with the fact that I love chairs! I have been inspired by these Citizenry chairs for quite some time and when I came across this wire dish chair from Target, I knew I had to hack it and make it my own inspired by the Citizenry chair. This was the perfect project to pair up with Tandy Leather on. I get a lot of questions on what type of leather I use and where I get it. The answer: Tandy! I have been shopping with Tandy for quite some time and I can always find exactly what I need. With that said, I found the perfect leather strips and rivets from Tandy to work with for this Target hack!
I love the wire dish chair from Target to begin with, but with the material being plastic I felt like it was more of an outside chair instead of something I want to keep in the living room. It is just a personal preference and I think the final product turned out nice!
 For this Target hack, I ordered these leather strips and secured them in place with these large rivets in nickel. I ended up using about 13 strips! After removing all of the plastic from the chair (I just cut it off with scissors), I began on the seat of the chair. First, I looped one end of the strip around the left side of the chair and cut a hole where the top of the rivet will be. Then I marked with a pen where to cut the second hole on the opposite side. I set the rivet in place with a rivet setter and hammer. You can see above how I had to make a little rig of books to have the right height to hammer the rivets in place.

After the first rivet was set, I pulled the leather as tight as possible to the right side and repeated punching the holes and setting the rivets. I continued this until the seat was finished and the back of the chair was finished.

The main thing I learned is to keep the strips pulled as tight as possible!  My original plan was to follow the leather around the sides so the sides continued the same leather pattern. Once I got half way down one side, the leather wasn't laying right and after asking some opinions on Instagram, I felt it was best to leave the sides open!

Overall, I love how this accent chair turned out! The veg tan leather is only going to get more beautiful with time.

Have you done any target hacks lately? Also check out my DIY hanging fruit basket that is a target hack!

Products for this post were provided by Tandy Leather to make this Target hack. Thanks for supporting Always Rooney so I can continue to bring you original DIY projects!



  1. Where did you get your leather strips? This looks awesome!

    1. Hey Kara, they are from Tandy Leather and are linked in the blog post!

  2. Such a great idea and the result is awesome :)
    I'm so glad I stumbeld over your art with chairs cause I've 4 to revamp and I couldn't figure it out how (main reason was they don't have a solid seat bottom just sponge covered with "leather", if it makes any sense)
    So this is my solution, thank you so much :)

    1. Yay! I'm so happy to her that Cristina. I'd love to see the finished product!

  3. Love this chair! I want to try this. Also looove that rug. Where from?!