Thursday, July 21, 2016

DIY File: No-Sew Pom-Pom Napkins

Are you guys familiar with Hem Fuser? It's probably one of the best allies for fast and practical projects and for those of you who like to tackle DIYs but are afraid of sewing, have no sewing machine, or simply want a fast and easy route, this thing is for you :) From fixing denim hems to creating napkins, it works like wonder. I made these napkins for our boho girls night and today I'm sharing the easy steps in case you ever feel like whipping up some for yourself.

- Fabric (I used cotton and bought 2 yards just in case I messed it up) for 6 regular size napkins (20x20 inches)
- Hem Fuser
- A fork
- Scissors
- A needle
- Measuring Tape
- Embroidery thread of any color you like for the pom-poms.

1. You're going to start by spreading your fabric on a table and cutting your desired size plus 2 inches bigger on each side. I placed an old napkin on top for reference, but if you want the quick way just cut squares of 22x22 inches ;)
2. Then you're going to fold one inch in and iron it.
3. Cut strips of hem fuser as long as the edge you're going to fuse and place it just under the first fold. Fold over that first inch of fabric and press the iron on it for a few seconds.
4. Repeat for each side until you have fused all edges. 
5. Now you're ready to make the pom-poms for the corners. These are easy to make just a bit time consuming. In this case, since I made 6 napkins, I had to make 24 and while they seriously don't require any special talent at all, each will take you about 5 minutes to complete. Do the math and you'll understand why I say they are time consuming ;)
I followed these steps. Basically you wrap thread around a fork, run a thin thread in the middle to tie it (tight and strong), take it off the fork, cut the edges and trim. Easy peasy and cheaper than buying them.
6. Next you're going to sew each pom-pom by hand on each corner of your finished napkin and you're done!
Let me know if you have any questions! Would love to hear if you decided to make your own!

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