Not Afraid Of White

There is nothing more crisp and more classic than wearing all white. Whether it is a pair of white jeans, a white button down or a beautiful white dress…if you spot me this season, you can bet I am head to toe in white.  As much as I have always loved wearing white, I used to steer away from this color palate out of fear that I would ‘ruin’ the piece. I have even bought white dresses and white blouses that I have never ever worn (and have since went out of style) due to this fear. Well not anymore! read more

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All In Moderation

There is nothing I enjoy more than jetting off to a place near or far for a weekend. There is something so magical about how one minute you can be finishing up your last minute work task…to the next sitting at a beach (and all without taking ‘vacation days’). After many conversations with friends, and others who aspire to travel more, I discovered that quick trips aren’t for everyone. For one, you have to be completely comfortable with always being on the go, you have to be ok with leaving a destination ‘without seeing it all‘ and most importantly you have to get used to airports (the wait, the food and catching up on shut eye in an uncomfortable chair). read more

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The Canyon Suites At The Phoenician

The winters are long and cold here in Canada so the thought that I would be escaping the great north to spend a weekend in the dry heat this spring not only warmed my heart all winter long … it warmed my bones. Although I have visited the desert once prior, I can’t remember too many details as I was so young. However, what I do remember quite clearly (at such a young age), was that I was going to re-visit as an adult to take advantage of what a weekend in the desert truly had to offer. read more

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Find Your ‘Place’

Although I am from the east coast of Canada, I have always gravitated towards cacti, dry heat and all things desert (of course, all things that can’t be found in the great north). When I had the opportunity to visit The Canyon Suites at The Phoenician Resort  in Scottsdale, AZ, I knew all my desert dreams were going to come true.  There are an array of different ways people seek inspiration amongst their surroundings. For me, I tend to feel calm and my most creative self in a few different settings (the beach, sailing on the wide open ocean and the desert). read more

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The Rosseau: Mind & Body

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of escaping the hustle and bustle of Toronto and headed to the beautiful JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka. Although I knew heading up north to cottage country would be relaxing, I didn’t predict I would find such calmness while engaging in recreational activities.

I must admit, I am not usually adventurous or activity-oriented on a weekend holiday. However, laying low can sometimes descend into endless hours of scrolling social media and finishing those loose ends from work. Therefore, I wanted to make sure my time at The Rosseau wasn’t jam packed yet was still a positive distraction from my every day commitments. read more

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How To Forgive

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The true act of forgiveness is voluntary and intentional that seems to come easier to some than others. When Kaylee asked me to write about the topic of forgiveness for today’s blog post, I knew I would be able to shed some light on this topic, however, not from personal expertise. Wanting to be honest and forthcoming with Kaylee, I made sure before I started writing to inform her that forgiveness is not something I have personally mastered but instead is something I work on daily. read more

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