Label to Love: Hen by Gen Jewelry

November 13, 2013

You know when you stumble across a product, or designer that is just so completely awesome that you feel like you have to tell everyone about it? When you are wearing said product, people notice, and if they don’t you make sure they do, by saying “do you like my “insert product”!? Well, after I stumbled across the booth and founder (Gen), of Hen By Gen Jewelry at an event about a month ago, I knew I’d have to share it with you! I was immediately drawn to her effortlessly cool set up of jewelry that was showcased on reconstructed picture frames, burlap covered bust forms, and dangling from tree branches, all perched on an old wooden table. I knew right then Gen was my kind of girl. Her use of semiprecious stones, mixed metals and vintage charms equally work together to create the ultimate boho-chic aesthetic. There are statement necklaces, stackable bracelets and chic earrings, made of mixed metals, stones, bright coloured ribbons woven into the chains, and cool beaded detailing. Each piece with it’s own special statement, all hand crafted by Gen herself, giving each piece it’s own personality. For any one who loves and appreciates a local, boho and free spirited style, there is sure to be a special piece from her collection for you! From rocking a bold statement necklace with a collard blouse or dress to layering on cute skull bracelets, and this antler chain over a chunky knit sweater, all the pieces by hen by Gen are extremely versatile, and extremely stylish!I have given you some options below of how you could rock some pieces of HEN, but check out her website here to explore for yourself all of the goodies she has to offer!  Personally, I can’t wait to post  pictures of me rocking my new favourite Hen piece, the Dark star necklace. Be sure to get to know Gen below to from the 10 questions I asked her about her style, jewelry and everything in between!








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