Summer recipes in the making

Image from It’s a Sparkly Life

Labour Day has come and gone, but I’m refusing to let go of summer just yet! We still technically have another two weeks before fall begins. So what better way to let the season live on than in the kitchen with some summer recipes?

As you know, I’ve been doing a home food series with a unique recipe each week on the blog. As part of my food series, I want to draw attention to other talented female creatives. As if trying to curate the perfect Instagram feed isn’t hard enough, try creating recipes, cooking the dishes, styling and photographing the food, and then blogging about it. Trust me; it’s not easy! Now that I’ve been doing this for a while and have encountered my fair share of challenges in the kitchen, it makes me appreciate some of my favourite bloggers even more, who seamlessly pull it off with style and grace.

I reached out to 6 female bloggers, Sarah Jade, Diala, Gigi, Irene, Tara, and Kaylee, who are a source of inspiration for me and what I consider to be a triple threat. They have brains, beauty, and can thrown it down in the kitchen! I asked each of them to share their favourite summer recipe and to answer some fun questions about themselves too. Turns out, with all of their recipes, they’ve got you covered for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert!

So, here are the 6 recipes you need to try before the end of summer from Sarah Jade, Diala, Gigi, Irene, Tara, and Kaylee.


Sarah Jade of Tastes By Jade: Matcha Pancakes with Berries, Coconut and Ricotta

Matcha pancakes with berries and ricotta cheese from Tastes By Jade

Image from Tastes by Jade

Sarah originally created this matcha pancake with berries, coconut and ricotta recipe for a charitable purpose, and the addition of fresh berries and coconut to her pancakes makes this a delightful summer breakfast! Sarah is also a soon-to-be mom (due any day now!) and one of the sweetest girls I’ve met! She grew up in a multi-ethnic family, which is what she credits her love for different cuisines to. I asked her what the most ‘exotic’ food is that she’s ever eaten, and she said guinea pig, which actually tasted like chicken!


Diala of Diala’s Kitchen: Hawaiian Poke Bowls

Hawaiian poke bowls by Diala's Kitchen

Image from Diala’s Kitchen

After a trip to Hawaii, where Diala ate poke every day, she knew she needed to make these Hawaiian Poke Bowls in her own kitchen. The fresh Ahi tuna and bright, bold flavours will make you feel like you’re eating these right on a beach! Diala is a true beauty, a mom, world traveler, a Le Cordon Bleu-trained pastry chef, skilled photographer – she’s got it all! Although she travels the world and experiences different cuisines on a regular basis, Diala told me one of the kitchen appliances she can’t live without is her waffle maker. Sunday waffles is her favourite tradition at home.

Gigi of It’s a Sparkly Life: Arugula and White Bean Salad

Arugula and white bean salad from It's a Sparkly Life

Image from It’s a Sparkly Life

Gigi’s arugula and white bean salad is a light and refreshing summer dish. It can be served as a side or with protein as a main. Gigi’s blog and Instagram feed are like pages out of a magazine! She’s lived in some of my favourite cities, including Toronto, LA, Boston, and now, Montreal. She shares her Pinterest-worthy kitchen, food recipes, cocktails recipes, and overall beautiful lifestyle with her readers. But while she clearly has a true knack for creativity, she was actually a political science major, with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies in university!


Irene of The Spicy Olive: Summer Bucatini Pasta 2 Ways

Bucatini pasta 2 ways by The Spicy Olive

Image from The Spicy Olive

I am always inspired by the dishes Irene creates from the ingredients on her farm, like her summer Bucatini pasta 2 ways. The tomato sauce is made from fresh Ontario tomatoes and the dish also includes pesto made from fresh herbs. Irene is a freelance food stylist, recipe creator, caterer, blogger, and hot mama, with Cypriot roots. She specializes in farm-to-table food, with an emphasis on fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. While she eats healthy and fresh all the time, much like me, Irene has a weakness for chips. When I asked her biggest guilty pleasure food, she shared that she could probably eat a whole bag of Salt and Vinegar Kettle chips on her own!


Tara of Choperella: Pink Peppercorn and Raspberry Rose Tarts

Pink peppercorn and raspberry rose tarts from Choperella

Image from Choperella

Tara’s pink peppercorn and raspberry rose tarts scream summertime with their floral notes! A formally-trained chef, Tara is one of the most talented people I know in the kitchen. Her love for food has now brought her across the pond to London. But I’m so glad for social media, so I can keep up with her delicious creations. While Tara is tiny, her ‘last supper’ might surprise you. I asked if she knew she would die tomorrow, what her final meal would consist of. She said an Indian dish called “Kadhi” (made from chickpea flour and yoghurt with pakora or bhajia) served with rice, plus macaroni and cheese, pizza, garlic bread, butter chicken and quite possibly a piece of freshly made Brioche with salted butter!

Kaylee of The Blondielocks: Rhubarb Rose Popsicles

Rhubarb rose popsicles from The Blondie Locks

Image from The Blondielocks

What’s more summer than popsicles? Made with rhubarb rose jam that she picked up from a shop near her hometown in Nova Scotia, Kaylee’s rhubarb rose popsicles are super pretty. But “pretty” is an understatement, when it comes to Kaylee’s work. She is one of my favourite content creators and has such a beautiful eye for detail. Creating recipes is only one facet of what she does – she also has an impeccable sense of style! While she wears the loveliest and most dainty outfits, she shared that she once went through a punk-rock phase when she was in junior high. Kaylee and I have a few things in common, since we both share a love for Thai food and our cast iron skillets!

I hope these summer recipes and the lovely women who created them have inspired you.

Bon Appétit!