How To Create a Vintage Modern Cocktail Bar

It’s no secret that retro cocktails are presently all the rage. So when vintage shopping, one thing I always have my eye out for is vintage barware. Usually it can be picked it up at a fair price, and of course it will elevate your hostess status to an eleven. So let’s time-travel and take your kitchen liquor cabinet to a speakeasy style cocktail bar. I’m here to help you find affordable pieces for a collection would have Don Draper green with envy.

How To Create A Vintage Modern Cocktail bar that would make Don Drape green with envy.



While at a flea market or estate sale, looking at vintage barware can be a bit overwhelming. So many colors and patterns to choose from. Where should we begin? Let’s start with the bar cart. It’s pretty much the foundation. Now, I like to change mine around a bit. Throughout summer and during the holidays, my bar cart is stocked with liquor bottles of all sorts. I can wheel it around and guests just help themselves. This beauty was a lucky flea score, but I’ve rounded up a boat load on Etsy for you here. Cuz sometimes you just don’t have the time to hunt yourself. Don’t worry, I always gotcha covered.

How To Create A Vintage Modern Cocktail bar that would make Don Drape green with envy.

During our winter hibernation and busy back-to-school months, I like to repurpose my bar cart into something more functional like a small shelfie or side table. Plus, it’s fun just to change it up.

Victorian china cabinet with mid-century modern barware inside

So you’ve got your bar cart, now what? Glasses of course. Nothing adds glamour to cocktail hour then sipping a Brandy Old Fashioned from a gold rimmed rocks glass. My favorite is Mid-Century Modern barware…it’s like the costume jewelry of glassware. And it should go without saying, you don’t have to use these gems for special occasions or alcohol only. Wanna glass of water? Why not drink it in style? But, word of warning, always handwash or that gold will just fade away in the dishwasher.

Shoji Trellis Glasses Judy's Junktion Etsy Shop

Shoji Trellis Glasses from Judy’s Junktion Etsy Shop

A few of my favorite vintage glassware designers are Dorothy Thorpe, Culver, and Georges Briard. Although I have yet to score a set of Shoji Trellis glasses at an affordable price. They are the vintage unicorns that allude me. Mark my words, one day I will have a set to call my very own, and I will use them on the daily.

Vintage Black Ice Bucket - Oh La La Camille Etsy ShopMid-Century Modern Black Ice Bucket from OhLa La Camille Etsy Shop

And for the maraschino cherry on top, let’s add red lipstick to deck out our bar, shall we? These accessories will set it apart from the neighbors. I’m talking a slick ice bucket, a cocktail shaker,  tool set — with lucite or bakelite handles, and swizzle sticks…maybe I’m weird…well, we all know I’m weird, but I get a good giggle from a naughty swizzle stick. My two current favorites are here and here. Nothing says “bottoms up” like a nekked lady bum! Talk about a conversation piece.  Eeeep!

Bottoms Up Vintage Stir Sticks The Forest Sleeps Etsy ShopBottoms Up Stir Sticks from The Forest Sleeps Etsy Shop

Now all you need to make your vintage modern cocktail bar complete is a fancy drink recipe, and you’re all set. Past cocktails recipes can be found here, but fasten your seatbelt because I am working on a boozy beverage that’ll knock your socks off. At least that’s what it did to my neighbor Jamie. Coming soon!

Brass Society Social Cocktail Bar






  1. COLOR N INTERIOR August 5, 2017

    The gold rim glasses are great for adding a retro touch to the interior and liked the bottoms up stir sticks> thanks for such great inspiration.

    • kyla August 9, 2017

      I’m so tempted to buy those stir sticks myself! I love them!

  2. amyks August 5, 2017

    I wish I was cool enough to need a barcart. I’ve always wanted to like drinking martinis, but it’s just not going to happen. Wine and beer are the beverages of choice with my husband and I.


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